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UVA Stroke Center Gets Two New Leaders

UVA Health recently announced the appointment of two new leaders for its Comprehensive Stroke Program. Min Park, MD, and Sherita Chapman, MD, will serve as co-directors, bringing tremendous expertise in the multidisciplinary care of stroke patients.

“Having both a neurologist and neurosurgeon who specialize in neurovascular disorders allows the senior leadership of the stroke center to have experts in all aspects of stroke,” says Park. “While stroke care is most commonly identified with ischemic stroke and blockages in blood vessels in the brain, there is another group of patients who suffer from hemorrhagic strokes, such as ruptured aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations. It is vital that our stroke center provide the best quality of care to all stroke patients at our institution.”

“There is a saying that ‘no one knows everything, everyone knows something,’” says Chapman. “To expand on that statement, everyone you work with has something to teach you. I believe that Dr. Park and I each will bring in our own experiences and wisdom from different aspects of the acute stroke care process. In addition, I feel this collaboration will build a stronger bridge between the departments, while helping to develop innovative ideas to improve care.”

The UVA Stroke Center program was recently re-certified by the Joint Commission and American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Just 3% of hospitals nationwide have earned this distinction, which is the highest level of stroke certification from the Joint Commission.

“We look forward to the combined leadership of Drs. Chapman and Park. I am confident that they will work to further elevate the Comprehensive Stroke Program at the University of Virginia,” says Jason Sheehan, MD, Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor in the UVA Department of Neurosurgery and Neurosciences and Behavioral Health Service Line Director.

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