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Do You Need to Move More?

You know the importance of exercise. You’re well aware of its value in maintaining your health. You likely even prescribe it regularly to your patients. But are you following doctor’s orders?

According to the 2018 Medscape Physician Lifestyle and Happiness Report, nearly one-fourth of physicians said they exercise once a week or less. Eleven percent do not exercise at all.

There’s no denying it is a challenge to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, no matter what your profession. That’s why this Heart Month, UVA Club Red is encouraging everyone – including care providers – to find a way to move more.

Consider this a friendly reminder. You don’t have to sign up for CrossFit® or run a marathon. Just take a walk during your lunch break, park a little farther from clinic or do lunges while brushing your teeth. As you know, every little bit helps.

Visit today for a list of Heart Month events, including a yoga and mindfulness session, plus more useful tips on easy ways to incorporate exercise into your busy day.

UVA Club Red is a great resource for your patients, too, so be sure to spread the word!



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